The Route

The RouteBisecting the Adirondack Park roughly down the middle, our Adirondack Traverse route includes over 200 miles of hiking, biking and paddling through the ‘Dak’s varying terrains. Starting where Route 309 crosses the “Blue Line”, our route is broken into 17 sections, each of which can be traveled in a day, including 14 of the Adirondack’s most scenic lean-tos and two improvised tent sites before emerging through the town of Santa Clara and back across the blue line. Worked into the route are two regional classics, the Northville-Placid Trail which is completed in almost in its entirety, and the Seven-Carries Canoe Route.

We have chosen to break the route up further into six sections, each separated from one another by a location where we will meet a support team to take on new food and clean clothes, offload garbage, etc. The route has also been designed so that it is at these points that methods of transportation may change, allowing us to meet, pass off our bikes and pick up a canoe, for example. Within most larger sections we are also allowing ourselves one weather/rest day ensuring that we have ample time to enjoy our surroundings or hunker down in case of bad weather, without compromising our pre-planned meet-up date.

Click here for a GPX file of the route.

Click here for a PDF “guide book”, developed for the purposes of this expedition only, outlining in detail each section of the Traverse route, including all relevant sections from both the ADK Northville-Placid Guide Book and the Adirondack Canoe Waters North Flow guidebook.

The route, as we followed it, is laid out below.

Part 1Blue Line South to Silver Lake LT
Begin on Bikes, Rt 309 to Lily Lake Rd to Barlow Rd to Rt 125 to Benson TH, Drop Bikes
20.6 mi
Part 2Silver Lake LT to Hamilton Lake Stream LT11.1 mi
Part 3Hamilton Lake LT to Spruce Lake No. 2 LT
Resupply at Town of Piseco
Part 4Spruce Lake No. 2 to (Beaver Pond) LT11.9 mi
Part 5(Beaver Pond) LT to Carry LT6.1 mi
Part 6 Carry LT to Stephens Pond LT
Resupply at Wakely Dam Parking
13.2 mi
Part 7Stephens Pond LT to Tirrell Pond LT8.1 mi
Part 8Tirrell Pond LT to Catlin Bay No. 2 LT
Resupply at Rt. 28N Parking Area
11.9 mi
Part 9Catlin Bay No. 2 LT to Seward LT14.7 mi
Part 10Seward LT to Moose Pond LT11.9 mi
Part 11Moose Pond LT to (Oseetah Lake) LT
Support meets us at Oseetah Lake with Canoe, paddle to parking and resupply, paddle to LT
16.6 mi
Part 12(Oseetah Lake) LT to (Middle Saranac No. 3) LT9.7 mi
Part 13(Middle Saranac No. 3) to St. Regis LT
Upper Saranac Lake to Hatchery Brook, Portage over Rt. 30 to Little Clear Pond
11.2 mi
Part 14St. Regis LT to (Marvin Pond) LT5.2 mi
Part 15(Marvin Pond) LT to Tent Site No. 1
Bike to Blue Mountain Road Parking, meet at parking, bikes out, canoe in
10.8 mi
Part 16Tent Site No. 1 to Tent Site No. 2
Paddle the St. Regis North, Carry passed Azure Mountain on Blue Mountain Road, Camp near Duck Pond
9.4 mi
Part 17Tent Site No. 2 to Blue Line North
Canoe out in Santa Clara, walk to St. Regis Falls
15.4 mi
TOTAL: 204.8 mi
Hiking: 139.9 mi
Biking: 22.8 mi
Paddling: 42.1 mi