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Support the Adirondack Traverse Film through Kickstarter!

April 3, 2013 at 7:01 PM

We’re excited to announce a future film by Traverse-team cinematographer Grant Sponable documenting the Traverse!

We need your help sharing it all. The story we’ve been telling, the story of our preparation and fundraising, and the story of our journey. Our journey from middle school day hikers, to climbers, to mountaineers, as well as why we’re doing it.

With Grant at the helm, we plan to document every detail of our expedition, through a collection of web-series videos and, at the end, a short film detailing Adirondack Traverse 2013, every step of the way.

Grant has been documenting the lead-up and preparation for the Traverse thus far, and he plans on traveling with us for sections of the trip to record it as a third person. When he’s not there, we plan on recording as much of it as possible from our own perspectives. Eventually, the story of us as friends and partners, the story of the Traverse and our climb of Rainier, and all they we do will be compiled into an awesome film highlighting it all.

Personally, on the Traverse itself, we even have plans to chronicle our experiences through photography, journals, and recordings, both separately and as partners, to be used in conjunction with a guide book to detail the trip as it happens and affects us as climbers.

We need your help!

We couldn’t do any of the things we’re doing, even the charity stuff, without help making our expeditions this summer a reality. $2,000 of our $10,000 goal is allocated towards funding the expedition. For example, we have three weeks of dehydrated food to buy, campground reservations, tickets to Washington, etc.

We also need help making the film, and the other ways we’re documenting what we’re doing, as great as we possibly can! A portion of the funds raised will also go toward the costs of video and other production equipment to be used by Grant and his team, as well as for us to carry to document the part of the trip when we’ll be completely alone.


Here’s where you can help! Donate on our Kickstarter page to help fund the Traverse’s costs and the film and have a get some awesome rewards! Stickers, patches, DVDs, T-Shirts and LOTS more!

March Madness For Charity

February 25, 2013 at 8:38 AM

March Madness Logo

Get your brackets ready and get in on a March Madness tournament to support Big City Mountaineers and Adirondack Traverse 2013!

Entrance is just $10! 50% of whats raised will go to the participant with the highest total number of points following the tournament (scoring below). The other 50% will go completely towards supporting Big City Mountaineers and Adirondack Traverse 2013!


Sign up, make your picks, and maybe even win some dough, all while supporting a great cause!

Sign up below to enter online (instructions below). You can also sign up in person if you prefer a paper bracket. Download yours here.



Sign-Up Instructions:

  1. Click “Add to Cart” above.
  2. Click “Checkout” (unless you want to buy raffle tickets while you’re at it!).
  3. You’ll be taken to a PayPal page to purchase your membership. After you’re done, you should get a receipt in the email you used to pay. That email contains a link to a .pdf file (Can’t open it? Try this.) that has the link to our CBS Sports Bracket Manager group as well as the password required to join it.
  4. After clicking the link to our group page, you will be required to set up a CBSSports.com account or sign in if you already have one.
  5. After setting up an account you will be asked to input our group password. It’s in the .pdf file you already downloaded.
  6. You’re golden! Check back after Selection Sunday to make your picks!

Side Note: If you’re interested in filling out multiple brackets, please contact us for assistance.


Scoring: Second Round: The weight for each correct pick is 2. The seed of the winning team is multiplied by the correct pick total.
Third Round: The weight for each correct pick is 3. The seed of the winning team is multiplied by the correct pick total.
Sweet 16: The weight for each correct pick is 5. The seed of the winning team is multiplied by the correct pick total.
Elite 8: The weight for each correct pick is 8. The seed of the winning team is multiplied by the correct pick total.
Final Four: The weight for each correct pick is 13. The seed of the winning team is multiplied by the correct pick total.
Championship: The weight for each correct pick is 21. The seed of the winning team is multiplied by the correct pick total.
Tiebreaker: The total score of the Championship game.

Mile-By-Mile Hands Free Donations

February 19, 2013 at 8:48 AM

A mile of dirk, rock, water, and pavement, rain or shine, black files and black bears, with an expedition-weight backpack, and wet boots. We’ll do it for 20 cents.

Through our new Mile-By-Mile Hands Free Donation service we’re asking you to pledge just about 20 cents for every mile we walk on our Adirondack Traverse…because regardless of how far we walk, we can’t get a single under-privileged kid into the outdoors without your help.

Plus, it couldn’t get any easier…for your time or your budget. Sign up once today and you’ll automatically donate just $10 a month for the next four months, until just before we head off on our trek. Set aside 30 cents a day, 20 cents for every mile we’ll spend walking, to help give the kids that need it most their first taste of the outdoors.


[donorwall title='The 205 Milers: Thank You For Your Continued Support!']

Albany Times Union Features Adirondack Traverse 2013

February 19, 2013 at 8:46 AM

TUHuge thank you to the Albany Times Union for their support in helping spread the word about Adirondack Traverse 2013! An awesome read with great pictures from one of Ryan and Gabe’s days climbing indoors, too! Pick up a copy of today’s paper or read it online here!

Ryan and Gabe Interviewed by SurvivalSeason.com

January 29, 2013 at 9:02 AM

Low-Res-Logo2SurvivalSeason.com, the “top blog for wilderness and urban survival, emergency preparedness, and off-grid gear, clothing, technology and more” recently caught up with Ryan and Gabe to ask them a few questions about their efforts. Read the awesome article here!

Adirondack Traverse Featured in Spotlight

January 25, 2013 at 5:31 PM

Check out Thursday’s issue of the Saratoga County edition of Spotlight Newspaper to read an awesome article by Spotlight reporter Marci Revette on Adirondack Traverse 2013! Marci caught up with Ryan, Gabe and their families at last weekend’s community dinner! It’s an awesome read and a great insight into what our mission is all about!

Check is out online, here, as well!

BCM Membership Benefits Extended to Supporters

November 26, 2012 at 8:01 PM

For a limited time, those who support Big City Mountaineers through Adirondack Traverse 2013 will be eligible for the same rewards as BCM members! Huge discounts for a whole year on items from Kelty, Osprey, adidas Outdoors and Sierra Designs!

Basecamp > $50   
40% discount on Kelty products in 2013
Approach > $100   
40% discount on Sierra Designs products in 2013
Ascent > $250   
40% discount on Kelty and Sierra Designs products in 2013
Summit > $500    
40% discount on Kelty, Sierra Designs and adidas Outdoor products in 2013
Summit + > $750    
40% discount on Kelty, Sierra Designs, adidas Outdoor and two Osprey products in 2013. 

Act fast to get in on the deals and help us reach our goal of raising another $500 this week! http://bit.ly/Zl8ZdY

Find Us in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise (11/7/12)

November 8, 2012 at 3:43 PM

Pick up a copy of Wednesday’s (November 7th) Adirondack Daily Enterprise to check out Ryan’s Letter to the Editor about Adirondack Traverse 2013! Big thanks to the ADE for helping to spread the word!

The letter is also available online, here.

Raffle Tickets On Sale At URI Extreme Sports Caravan

October 27, 2012 at 6:24 PM

Find Ryan tomorrow ( Sunday, October 28th) at the URI Surf Club’s Extreme Sports Caravan to purchase raffle tickets and learn more about the cause. He’ll be walking around and will be spending time at Rock Spot Climbing’s rock wall during the event.

As a bonus, anyone who purchases a raffle ticket from 12AM to 11:59PM tomorrow, either in person or on our website, will be entered into an additional raffle with the chance to win one of two passes to Rock Spot Climbing! RSP’s locations are the premier indoor climbing spots in the area, with gyms in Boston, Lincoln, RI and soon to be Peace Dale, RI, only 2-3 minutes from the campus of URI!

The Extreme Sports Caravan take place from 3-7PM tomorrow at 2 Fraternity Circle (Sigma Pi/Delta Zeta) on the campus of the University of Rhode Island. Hope to see you there for tons of free stuff, fun, and great events, as well as to help support Adirondack Traverse 2013!

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Better Benefits for Sponsors

October 17, 2012 at 1:16 PM

AT13 has just announced an increase in the benefits being offered to potential sponsors for the same donation amount. The required donation amount has been lowered by $500 in all three categories in an effort to get more involvement and support from small local establishments who might be cash-strapped in these tough economic times.

More information can be found on the Support page and anyone interested in helping a great cause can contact us at adirondacktraverse@gmail.com. The updated donation scheme is as follows:

Logo on summit flag
Logo on website sidebar (with link)
Logo on tshirts and other apparel (labeled as Gold)
Logo in all videos and other PR
Summit Flag to display
Periodic mentions in our social media
Logo on all marketing emails and news posts
Logo on website footer (with link)
Logo on tshirts and other apparel (labeled as Silver)
Periodic mentions in our social media
Logo on all marketing emails and news posts
Logo on website footer (with link)
Logo on tshirts and other apparel (labeled as Bronze)