Mile-By-Mile Hands Free Donations

February 19, 2013 at 8:48 AM

A mile of dirk, rock, water, and pavement, rain or shine, black files and black bears, with an expedition-weight backpack, and wet boots. We’ll do it for 20 cents.

Through our new Mile-By-Mile Hands Free Donation service we’re asking you to pledge just about 20 cents for every mile we walk on our Adirondack Traverse…because regardless of how far we walk, we can’t get a single under-privileged kid into the outdoors without your help.

Plus, it couldn’t get any easier…for your time or your budget. Sign up once today and you’ll automatically donate just $10 a month for the next four months, until just before we head off on our trek. Set aside 30 cents a day, 20 cents for every mile we’ll spend walking, to help give the kids that need it most their first taste of the outdoors.


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